Zygmunt Roman

attorney at law, senior partner
The real estate and construction markets in Poland require specialist knowledge concerning international standards and in‑depth knowledge of local conditions. In this area we have advantage over our competitors thanks to our knowledge of the sector, practical innovative approach and experience of our lawyers. We understand that large‑scale deals in real estate market require knowledge of not only the regulations concerning this sector, but also other law areas related thereto.
Within advisory services in this area our law firm provides inter alia legal assistance in acquisition of real estate, investment process, real estate tenancy and management, as well as buildings technical support.

  • Preparation of due diligence reports concerning legal status of real estate, taking into account any restitution claims
  • Assistance in acquisition of real estate for investment purposes
  • Advisory services concerning acquisition of agricultural real estate
  • Assistance in acquisition of real estate located in special economic zones
  • Advisory services concerning acquisition of real estate by creditor through enforcement proceedings
  • Advisory services concerning restitution and reprivatisation
  • Advisory services for deals, in which a foreign entity is involved
  • Advisory services for investing in shopping centres and office buildings
  • Advisory services for planned project funding
  • Assistance in setting up shopping centre networks in Poland
  • Legal services concerning greenfield projects
  • Preparation of comprehensive documentation connected with investment process in real estate market
  • Representing investors in disputes with territorial administration authorities
  • Representing general contractors in disputes with investors and/or subcontractors
  • Advisory services concerning building owner's and manager's liability for personal damage suffered in a residential building and/or shopping centre
  • Fighting against restitution claims of prior real estate owners
  • Advisory services concerning protection of trade marks belonging to shopping centre networks
  • Advisory services concerning current operation of mines
  • Advisory services concerning perpetual usufruct charges
  • Advisory services concerning establishing of collateral for loan agreement
  • Advisory services in disputes concerning real estate's boundary lines
  • Advisory services concerning title of land ownership
  • Preparation of model contracts of tenancy for shopping centres and office buildings
  • Advisory services concerning entering into real estate sale-and-lease-back contracts
  • Preparation of contracts concerning technical maintenance of buildings and presentation of opinion related thereto
  • Preparation of contracts concerning performance of repair work and presentation of opinion related thereto
  • Advisory services and representation in disputes with utilities providers, and, in particular, in litigation concerning electricity supply to a building
  • Advisory services and representation in litigation concerning improper performance of repair work
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