Krzysztof Podniesiński

attorney-at-law, senior partner
We provide comprehensive legal services for entities operating in conventional and renewable energy sectors. At the same time, we provide services to leading Polish and international companies in energy sector.
We focus on assistance concerning administration and legal issues connected with energy projects implementation, in particular in respect of environmental conditions and construction law.
  • Advisory services concerning implementation of conventional energy projects
  • Advisory services and carrying out comprehensive proceedings in respect of renewable energy sources (for example wind power stations and biogas plants), and in particular advisory services concerning implementation of wind energy projects, starting from greenefield projects, including inter alia setting up of a subsidiary, preparation and negotiation of contracts enabling to obtain title of real estate, participation in administration proceedings connected with obtaining decision on environmental conditions
  • Advisory services for acquisition of advanced wind energy projects, including carrying out due diligence legal audit for projects and preparation of transaction documents concerning acquisition of projects in question
  • Carrying out legal examination of energy projects, in particular as to whether regulations in Energy Law and related acts are applied correctly
  • Legal assistance in design, negotiation and implementation of contracts concerning energy sale, transfer and distribution, contracts concerning connection to power grid, and also trading in emission rights and assets-related rights arising from certificates of origin
  • Restructuring-related advisory services for energy companies
  • Providing services for M&A deals in energy sector
  • Experts' opinions and legal opinions concerning Energy Law and its influence on energy companies' operation
  • Obtaining of concession for production/generation, sale, transfer, distribution and storage of fuels and energy
  • Corporate advisory services for energy companies
  • Design of distribution systems for energy companies with a view to ensure their compliance with competition law
  • Preparation of contracts, general conditions of contracts and bylaws for energy companies and presentation of opinion concerning them
  • Legal assistance in setting up database of contracts used in current business operations for energy companies
  • Advisory services at concept and legal levels for energy companies in respect of electricity generation and sale, including electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Representing clients in litigation concerning energy supply
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